We have created, just for you, the bikes’ rental. We consider it to be the best way to be active while using best quality biking equipment. There is no need for you to buy a bike, store or service it anymore!

There are, in our offer, several types of mountain bikes (mtb) available for all sizes and gender. Our experienced employees adapt the bike to your needs – age, height and skill –see details..

New – mobile bikes’ rental – there is no need anymore to carry the bike – we will deliver it wherever you wish – the spot from which you set off or on the cycling route.

RowerowyFun to stacjonarna i mobilna wypożyczalnia rowerów mtb i elektrycznych.

different booking modes

Rent the bike through our website form. Fill in the booking date, type of bike, there you will see available types and bikes models. Choose the one that suits you, make your payment and you are free to go.

Rent the bike via phone. Call 503-152-640. We will help you to choose the bike perfect for you! Pay after receiving the bike.

Rent the bike coming straight to our place: RowerowyFun 40th Biała St. in Chełmiec. On the spot we will help you to choose the perfect bike for you.

Rower męski Merida MTB rowerowyfun.pl


Merida for men – everything that is necessary – strong disc brakes, high quality Shimano accessories and a solid front shock absorber that makes mountain bike riding a pure pleasure.

Rower damski Merida mtb rowerowyfun.pl


JULIET bike geometry is entirely suited for women’s anatomy – lower upper tube gives a lower thrust, which provides more safety and confidence on the route, makes it easier to get off the bike and ride with comfort.

Rower młodzieżowy Merida mtb rowerowyfun.pl


We know how important it is to start your bike experience in an appropriate way and be prepared to challenge it every single day. So, we have in our offer bike types for children of all ages ready to start they first bike adventures with riding in the park, forest or through mountains.


pros of bike rental

do not have to own a bike – that way you save money and are able to spend your free time in an active way

do not have to worry about safety of your bike when you rent it

do not have to worry about seasonal checkouts and repairs – renting the bike you know it is always working!


renting the bike gives you the possibility to choose and test the one you like the most

renting the electric bike you are free to get to hardly-to-reach places through difficult routes

renting the bike through mobile rental services you can have a friends’ bike mountain trip, save time and money. You share a car, we take care of your bikes. See how fast and easy it is!


Mountain electrical bikes will be surely appreciated by those not, yet, being in the perfect form while climbing difficult hills.

Engines installed in them help getting through steep inclines without an effort. The engine in an electric bike starts automatically when you start riding. That way you are able to ride higher, further and everywhere where it seems impossible to reach using an ordinary bike.

An electric bike is also for those geeks of technical innovations, if you are one, the bike is just for you!
See how cheap and easy it is to rent the electric bike!

Wycieczki rowerowe z przewodnikiem rowerowym


Our passion for riding bicycles made us share it with you!

We are here to offer you very broad range of services: renting the bike but also we are happy to offer you the assistance of mountain bikes’ guide – ready to fit your skills to different levels of mountain tracks and routes!

Riding through hills and mountains with our guide, who has been using them everyday, makes you feel safe and secure in many unexpected situations ( flat tire, broken chain, etc.)

We will take care of it!

why the guide?

the guide suites your skills to the route, your form and likes

the guide makes you feel safe and secure in difficult and unforeseen situations

the guide shows you the beauty of many picturesque spots in the area, far from usually used tracks and routes


Looking for the place to stay in Nowy Sącz and area, do not want to live in an expensive and boring hotel? You are in the perfect place – there we have perfect rooms for quiet and peaceful stay, perfect mornings and adventurous afternoons.

RowerowyFun is situated at 40 Biała St. in Chełmiec – just few steps from the forest and riding tracks and routes, like the Yellow Beskid Bicycle Trail and Black Bicycle Trail (Velo Dunajec) which connects to the Carpathian Bicycle Trail. Nearby neighborhood offers plenty of perfectly suited bike tracks and trails of different difficulty range. In our B&B we have for you 4 rooms for 10 people overall.

Comfortable, inexpensive in a perfect relaxing atmosphere – here after riding bikes you can have wonderful time relaxing in the main living room, on the terrace or in the picturesque garden.


Hey there nature lovers! Do something good for your health and go for a ride! You do not have to own a bike – not a problem! We have one for You! You do not know where to go? We will show you – those most popular trails and those hidden but more picturesque and for those who like being active – more difficult. Be adventurous, discover new places with us!



We leave our bike rental at 40 Biała St. Ride straight the main road till the crossroads, turn left to Marcinkowicka St. and riding up the road toward Rdziostów. Riding up black bicycle trail. Reaching trails crossroad we ride down to the red hiking trail of the Chełmecki forest and straight from there to the path leading straight to the Paścia Mountain. From there we are heading back to our rental office at Biała ST.



12 km/ 55 min around