We welcome you in our home and wish you a pleasant stay. Payment of the deposit means acceptance of these regulations. We will be grateful for the observance of the rules contained in these Regulations, which is intended to ensure the peace and safety of our guests.


1. The Regulations define the conditions of rest in our house RowerowyFun in Chełmiec, hereinafter referred to as the „Facility”, owned by Paweł Molek. Anyone who makes a reservation of the facility in writing or by paying a deposit to our account, at the same time declares that he has read these regulations, hereinafter referred to as „Regulations” and accepts its provisions.
2. Payment of the deposit constitutes confirmation of the conclusion of the contract on the terms specified in the Regulations.
3. The Regulations are always published at: http: //www.noclegi.lagosz.com/
4. The current offer of rooms available for rent can be found on the website www.rowerowyfun.pl/noclegi.


1. After getting acquainted with the offer and prices provided on the website, the Customer / Guest electronically makes a reservation of the chosen date via the Booking Form located at: https://rowerowyfun.pl/noclegi-2/. At this point, Pre-Booking takes place.
2. The Client / Guest will receive an Initial Confirmation by e-mail. The Initial Confirmation of the reservation provided by the Operator will contain provisions regarding the agreed room, booking date and Price for the Service. From this moment, the Client / Guest is obliged to pay an advance payment in the amount specified in the form within 48 hours (unless otherwise stated) or the whole Reservation Fee for the given bank account of the Lessor, ie: mBank …….
3. The down payment is a down payment for the rental service. No advance payment up to 48 hours after receiving the Initial Confirmation of the Booking results in the Cancellation of the reservation.
4. Recognition of the Operator’s account with the Booking Fee after 48h from receiving the Initial Confirmation of the Reservation shall not result in the Reservation being carried out, unless the Operator still confirms the Booking. In this case, the Operator will make every effort to provide the Customer / Guest with the Service on conditions similar to those of the Booking.
5. In case of advance payment, the Customer / Guest is obliged to pay the remaining part of the Booking Fee prior to arrival at the Operator’s bank account or at the latest on the day of arrival in cash.
6. In any case, payment of the entire Booking Fee for the stay must take place before the rented premises are handed over to the Client / Guest.
7. The down payment is non-returnable. However, it is possible to change the booking date after making an advance payment, provided that such change is made at least 15 days before the original reservation date.
8. The deposit is returned in full in the event that the service fails due to the fault of the facility.
9. The price includes media, access to a part of the common house with all equipment and technical equipment, bedlinen and towels.
10. If you decide to discontinue your stay in „RowerowyFun-no” earlier, you are not entitled to a refund of the amount paid or a reduction of the service price for the unused period.
11. In the event of sudden and unforeseen circumstances, the Operator reserves the right to change the room reserved for another, and in the absence of a free room to cancel the reservation.


1. Unless otherwise agreed, the hotel day at RowerowyFun starts at 14:00 and ends at 11:00 the next day. If you wish to extend the hotel day, the guest should report it to the employee of RowerowyFun overnight. 9:00 on the day of the expiry of the tenancy of the guest room, which, however, does not bind the Lessor.
2. Not allowing the room to 11.30 am on the day of departure is treated as an extension of stay. Thus, the fee for another night is charged.
3. If the facility has an empty room, it is possible to extend the stay, after settling an additional payment for each subsequent accommodation.
4. Keys to the guest room are transferred on the day of arrival to RowerowyFun.
5. In the case of lost keys from the room, the Client / Guest is obliged to pay a fee of 30 PLN.


1. In the description of each room there are indications as to the maximum permissible number of people who can live in the room. Each client / guest agrees to comply with these recommendations, otherwise the owner of Paweł Molek may require an additional fee.
2. At home smoking is strictly forbidden (also for bathrooms).
3. The customer / guest is responsible for any defects or damages that he / she will cause in the guest room equipment. The Customer / Guest agrees to immediately notify the Operator of any damage that the Customer / Guest caused in the Apartment’s equipment and the Apartment itself. For defects caused by the fault of the Customer / Guest, adequate monetary compensation will be charged. The Client / Guest undertakes to cover them at the latest on the last day of using the accommodation.
4. The client / guest is obliged to comply with the principles of good neighborliness, including the observance of quiet hours (from 22.00 to 6.00).
5. The guest is obliged to properly secure the apartment, which means that the entrance doors and windows are accurately closed. Switching off the devices from the electrical sockets each time they leave and carefully storing keys without access to unauthorized persons.
6. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons and others that are not standard equipment of a room or facility.
7. The car park located on the premises of RowerowyFun is free, unguarded.
8. Please do not bring your pets (dogs, cats) with you without the hosts’ permission.
9. We are not responsible for loss or damage to guests’ property.
10. In case of urgent need, the first aid kit can be found in the hall marked with a characteristic cross.
11. The CycloFun’s hosts reserve the right to refuse further services in the event of a drastic violation of the regulations by guests, without reimbursement of the cost of stay.
12. The Regulations of BicycleFun are communicated to guests by posting on the website www.rowerowyfun.pl/regulaminnoclegow and by an individual familiarization of the contents of the guest and written confirmation of its contents, made during the registration.
13. The object may refuse admission to potential guests who:
a) during the previous stay in this facility significantly violated the terms of the regulations;
b) are under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants;
c) behave aggressively or pose a threat to other guests as well as the staff and owner of the facility.


1. Personal data provided by the Customer / Guest will be processed only for the purpose of booking accommodation. RowerowyFun Paweł Molek as data administrator ensures transparency of data processing, ensures that data is collected only to the extent necessary for the purpose and processed only for a period of time which is necessary.


1. The Regulations shall enter into force on January 1, 2018. The current version of the regulations is published at https://rowerowyfun.pl/regulaminnoclegow.
2. The Regulations are posted in a frame in an object in the corridor and it is publicly available.

Thank you for following the recommendations above. We hope that you will be satisfied with your stay in our home. Have a nice holiday and invite you to come back to RowerowyFun.