1. Rented bikes are owned by RowerowyFun Paweł Molek.
2. The rental shop is located in Chełmiec at ul. Biała 40, it is open every day from 09:00 – 18:00. Return of bikes by 18:00 at the latest.
3. The rented bike is technically efficient and should be returned to the rental company in the same condition.
4. The bicycle must be returned within the declared period. Returning the bike after the due date, I charge the fee according to the price list of the rental company included in the contract. The rental employee should be informed about the extension of the deadline by calling the following number: 503-152-640. If after 24 hours from the declared date of return, the borrower does not return the equipment or inform about the expected date of return, it will be treated as a theft and reported to the Police.
5. Bikes and accessories should be booked in advance online or by phone (at least a day before the implementation) in the case of a daily reservation or delivery to the customer.
6. The fee for delivery to the customer within 60 km (one way) is charged according to the price list.
7. Rental and return of the bike takes place in a place marked in the contract or in the place indicated by the Customer in the event of delivery of the equipment.
8. The pricelist is an integral part of these Regulations.
9. To rent a bike:
• present an ID card or two other photo documents (driving license or passport)
• be an adult and sober
• sign a bike rental contract signifying the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the rental company
• transfer to the deposit an identity document placed in a secure envelope
• pay a fee for renting a bike according to the price list.
10. A rental employee has the right to refuse to rent a bike without giving a reason.
11. In the case of leaving the bike outside the rental, it must be secured against theft.
12. The person renting the bike bears full responsibility for the damage caused from the time the bike was rented until its return. In the event of damage to the bicycle, it is obliged to cover the cost of the repair.
13. In case of losing a rented bike or its equipment due to theft or loss, the borrower is obliged to return the equivalent of the bike or its equipment + rental costs specified in the price list and should immediately notify the Police and the theft report shall be presented in the Rental.
14. In the case of rental of bicycles and accessories by an organized group it is necessary to agree in advance on the date and quantity and type of bicycles with the rental employee.
15. The Lessee waives all claims against the Mobile Bike Rental for accidents, damages or injuries that occurred while using the rented equipment.
16. The Rental does not bear any responsibility for accidents and damages caused during the use of the bike and accessories due to the fault of the Lessee.
17. If the rental employee finds the client unreliable, he may refuse to rent a bike without giving a reason.
18. The Lessee agrees to cover all damages and penalties associated with the use of the bike resulting from non-compliance with the laws in force in Poland, including those resulting from the provisions of the Traffic Code.
19. The Lessee, being a participant in traffic, is obliged to follow the rules of getting around on the roads and does so only on his own responsibility.
20. The Lessee undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of the Regulations. The Regulations are valid from 01.01.2018.
21. The Lessee undertakes to:
– Use the bicycle and accessories as intended;
– Compliance with the ban on bike and accessories for third parties;
– Report immediately to the rental employee about problems with using the equipment and putting the equipment to the rental company in case of finding any defect;
– Abandoning independent repairs, modifications and parts replacement;
– Covering the costs of repairing a damaged bicycle or its equipment, as well as accessories resulting from the fault of the borrower;
– Cover the costs of a new bike and accessories in the event of damage to the rented equipment;
– Consent to the processing of personal data by the RowerowyFun Paweł Molek rental companies in accordance with the relevant regulations, in particular with the RODO, and the data processing rules provided for in them.
22. Bicycle rental. Bicycle Paweł Molek as an administrator ensures transparency of data processing, in particular, he always informs about data processing at the time of collection, including about the purpose and legal basis of the processing – eg when concluding a contract for the sale of goods or services. The administrator makes sure that the data is collected only to the extent necessary for the indicated purpose and processed only for as long as it is necessary.

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